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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  February 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> sawed off shotgun. high powered rifle. machine pistols. assault weapons. >> guns and crime. the change that police want to see in maryland's law. >> and awarning for people looking for a job. the way you could be fooled in to working for criminals. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jeff barnd. jennifer has off tonight. after a weekend surprise baltimore city gets hit with yet another shot of snow. crews are clearing the streets. as the flakes fall. trying to prevent a messy morning commute tomorrow in the state of maryland. jeff abell is standing by live out in the elements of north baltimore. brave, brave man. what are the roads like now, jeff? >> well, they are worsening right now. and as you can see, crews are racing to stay ahead of the storm. we want to show you first though a live picture of downtown.
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at interstate 395 and 95. where you can see some snow piling up and traffic is slowing down right in that location. because there was still a lot of salt on the roadways, from the weekend storm. crews did not have to presalt the roads tonight. but there is a lot of concern about the timing of this storm. >> because this is a weekday, we will betively enforced. tively be out doing what we have to do to prepare for morning rush hour. that's why we are going into full deployment. >> now, back live at the salt yard here in north baltimore. where plows all night are loading up and heading out. and all out of salt of the streets. first attacking those main roads. and then, they will hit the secondary roads. situation from the salt yard. jeff abell, fox 45 news. >> how much snow can we expect tonight, and more importantly tomorrow morning? chief meteorologist vytas reid is joining us with the winter blast. vytas. >> coming down good as you see on radar. around the beltway.
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lots of cities. folks down in riviera beach and essex. perry hall, everybody is getting the snow. and it is still decent snow. white indicates the heavier snowfall. and along i-81, west of hagerstown. a lull and dry line here. this is the end of the storm. we still have is a few more hours to go out of this. so we still have several more inches to expect to see. once again under a winter storm warning for baltimore county and surroundings counties until 7 a.m. and advisories on the eastern shore until 7 a.m. as we continue to see this snowfall come down. here is the forecast. looking at four to 6 inches along 95 corridor. and so some folks may even see maybe up to 7 inches. but 4 to 6 inches including baltimore city, dc. out of that area, 3 to 5 . an police, northern baltimore county and back west. two to four west of that hagerstown. and eastern shore, over to easton, chestertown and beyond
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that looking at one to three. that's not all. this storm will leave us. we have another big storm in the making. down south. this could be a really big storm potentially saturday. we have to watch this one closely. because that could be a much more go effective storm. watch it closely. nonetheless what we are dealing with now. snow overnight. tapering off. and then clouds breaking later in the day. detailed forecast for you and talk more about the next storm coming up in the seven day. >> all right. as the snow flies get your own personalized forecast. i-radar available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your neighborhood. go to >> we're keeping track of school delays and any candlelations for you at this hour. right now, only, the u.s. naval academy will have a two-hour delay tomorrow. update school closing through the newscast. until 11:30. you can see more closing and cancellations at the ticker, on the bottom of the screen.
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>> watch fox 45 news when you wake up. get the latest weather, traffic delays and school candlelations, even during the commercial breaks. that's important. as you well know, on the news ticker. fox 45 news morning news starts at 5 a.m. >> breaking news to report out of arundel county. two people are rushed to the hospital after a home invasion. it happened in the 500 block of williamsburg lane in odenton before 9:00 tonight. one person rushed to shock trauma. the other victim suffered minor injuries. >> in annapolis, governor o'malley delivers the state of the state address. governor wants lawmakers to pass tougher laws, to prevent families from home he foreclosures. the governor also wants support for his bill giving tax credits to employers who hire laid off workers. >>as we move maryland forward. out of the recession into better times. we are going to need to continue to make the sometimes tough, but critically important choices
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necessary, to expand opportunity, and to strengthen families. >> still republicans say o'malley's budget depends much too heavily on federal stimulus money. you can see the full state of the state address on our website, news. >> fox 45 news has learned 60 citations were issued for texting while driving in the first three months of the new law. now some lawmakers want to ban reading texts while driving as well. texting is causing several accidents, including 12 years ago, which killed harford county heather hurd. many young drivers add amit to writing and reading texts even behind the wheel. >> especially with a blackberry, keep everybody involved in what you are doing. twitter. all of that good stuff, you know. >> so you do text sometimes? yeah. got me. >> now, writing texts has been illegal in the state since the month of october. violators face fines up it to $500.
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>> that brings us to the question of the day. should it be against the law to read texts while driving? so far 68 percent say yes. 32 percent say no. joe writes on facebook. anything that takes the driver's eyes off the road should be stopped. but james writes. you mine as well make it illegal to listen to the radio. or have your children in the car. >> also, in the state capitol today. baltimore city officials are calling for tougher gun laws. police commissioner bealefield, incoming mayor stephanie rawlings-blake support a measure calling for identical penalties for those that commit felonies, with any firearm. not just handguns. >> sawed off shot guns. high powered rifles. machine pistols. assault weapons. and they represent a very dangerous threat to us. and, i think, that people need to be held accountable. and it will close that loophole. >> those convicted of a felony would face jail time between 5 and 20 years.
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>> the trial begins for 20-year-old tavon taleer a driver in a street racing crash that killed eight people. taylor is charged with eight counts of vehicular manslaughter. darin bullick drove the car that went through the crowd. and he pled guilty last week. >> appeals court has police turning over thousands and thousands of documents. it is part of a long-running struggle between state police, and the naacp. the civil rights group wants to inspect internal affairs documents. to determine whether state police are properly investigating allegations of racial profiling by troopers. police say the documents are completely confidential. >> corrections officials have decided not to build a detention facility in pasadena. arundel county executive you john leopold said he is very glad tonight they recognized the center would be inappropriate for that area. >> montgomery county lawmakers approve a measure to make it easier for the disabled to get county work. the bill makes it a preference
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for the county to hire someone that is disabled. if they are at the top of the list of applicants. bill sponsor said the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is much higher than the nationwide average. the county executive must sign the bill, of course, before it becomes law. >> in tonight's news you need to know now. a scam to warn you about tonight if you are looking for work. better business bureau said this scam is connected to jobs advertised online. they are usually listed as freight services that allow you to work from your own home. but police say it is a way criminals are shipping stolen goods around the world. >> if this is a stolen goods kind of thing, where people are actually forwarded on stolen goods and not knowing it, they could be charged later date as an offense. >> the bbb said watch out for online phrases like package forwarding. reshipping. or money transfers. >> still ahead. as the "late edition" continues.
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it seems harmless but throwing eggs got one teenager killed. >> at this moment, immense hardship for our armed service. >> debate over military spending and "don't ask, don't tell". heats up on capitol hill. how troops fighting wars abroad will be affected. >> i think be everybody is pretty much aware now of the sticky gas pedal. >> fix is in. toyota's major plan to get the cars off on the lot
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>> along day for top military brace. started with a hearing on defense spending included in president obama 2011 budget. craig boswell has more on the tense q&a session today. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said gays should be allowed to openly serve in the military. >> i cannot escape being troubled by the fact that we have in place a policy which forces young men and women, to lie about who they are, in order to defend their fellow citizens. >>less than a week after president obama called on congress to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. the defense secretary also said he supports a change. but only after a panel spends a year studying the impact on u.s. troops. >> the question before us is not weather the military prepares to make this change but how we best
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prepare it. >> that statement irritateed senator mccain that reminded secretary gates that congress will ultimately decide the fate of the law. >> at this moment, immense hardship for armed services, we should not be seeking to overturn the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. >> however, michigan senator levin said more than 13,000 troops have been discharged since the law enacted in 1993. >> i do not find the arguments that were used to justify, "don't ask, don't tell" convincing when it took effect in 1993. and there areless so now. >> the tense hearing came minutes after both witnesses testified for about three hours about the defense department's budget. $700 billion budget request including 159 billion for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> the debate surrounding the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is far from over. senators will resume hearings against next week. in washington, craig boswell fox 45 news. >> meanwhile, president obama hits the road to sell a new jobs
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program. his budget meantime is on capitol hill defending a new budget deep in red ink. spending more than it takes in. freeze in government spending. but with high unemployment, there are some that say this is not the time to tighten the government's belt. >> we are not going to save our way out of the recession. we have to spend our way out of the recession. >> the white house plans to spend billons more to give the economy a short-term boost. and the money could take generation to say pay back. >> and it could be a comeback year for american automobile firms. january is a very promising start for two out of the big three. forward is the moored is the winner with increase in sales. gm sales jumped 14 percent. meantime chrysler reports a small year over year gain. >> and toyota sales down 16 percent after last week's
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sales freeze. february's numbers are sure to suffer as well. but dealerships are gearing up to fix the cars, with pedal problems and plan on getting it done sooner rather than later. >> we are going to double our mechanical staff. >> technicians will receive training soon. and few days after that, we receive the kits to fix the problem. >> the recall affects eight popular models, camry and corolla, two of the most popular models. >> the snow is falling as we speak. and we're in for another round this weekend. >> here is chief meteorologist vytas reid with details about what is coming our way this weekend. june will sooner or later be here. >> i should have invested in a shovel making company and salt company before this winter. talking about skycam. inner harbour. snow is coming down. everything coated. at least four to 5 inches already on the ground. and continue to see for the next few hours, that snow coming down. right now inner harbour. looking at snow showers.
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30 degrees. winds are variable at five. humidity levels at 100 percent. as we continue to see the moisture building in. looking across the region. temperatures on the cold side. freezing downtown. at 32 degrees. out at the airport actually and looking at 28 in harrisburg. 29 in new york. 31 in pittsburg. 32 cleveland. so cold air is in place for the moisture to turn into snow. we have two low pressure s 1 sitting over indiana and ohio. another one sitting out over the atlantic. one of the storms is supplying some of the moisture. and the cold air. the other one is bringing in that atlantic moisture. as it runs into that cold air. right over the state of maryland and virginia. parts of pennsylvania. delaware and new jersey. we're seeing it in the form of snow. slightly warmer temperatures on the tip of the state. salisbury, moisture, and ocean city. but for us, we continue to see the warning situation, winter storm warning in effect for central maryland and dc area. metro area here.
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and central portion of the state. until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. parts of northern virginia as well winter weather advisory wrapping around the area. including the eastern shore. until 7 a.m. parts of southern maryland as they can see lesser amounts of precipitation. with the storm pushing through overnight. and timing this out on the future scan. see by midnight. snow showers. and morning it pushes off to the northeast. still may be remaining snow showers for rush hour. clear out thursday. good news. plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the lower 40s. but next storm is moving in from the southwest. for the weekend possibly. what are we looking at? 4 to 6 inches, maybe a pocket or two with 7 inches between baltimore and dc area on the 95 corridor. outside of the area, outlying metro areas. 3 to 5 . with annapolis, eastern shore. easton and chestertown. two to four. and hagerstown. two to four. so see that amount of precipitation as this storm leaves. making way for the next one. gathering strength in texas. and air is cold enough here.
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where we may see a major r storm in the making for late friday night. and mainly on saturday. so we have to watch this storm closely. as we get toward the weekend. tonight, snow showers 31 degrees. and it looks like we will see on the five-day forecast. storm leave us with sunshine on thursday. 41. and partly cloudy friday with clouds gathering. that next storm potential for a major big storm for the eastern seaboard on saturday. so we have to watch that, track that storm closely. and then by sunday looking at 32 degrees. back to you. >> all right vytas. this is just in. moments ago. city of baltimore activated phase 1 of the snow emergency plans. that means all vehicles traveling on city roads must have snow tires, all weather tires, or chains. drivers are asked to use extreme caution, obviously, when driving on the roads. >> a baby is born to one of the youngest moms on the globe. how she is doing. coming up after the break.
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>> he led the baltimore gray cups. these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road.
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be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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>> a 9-year-old girl from china is a mother. her family refused to discuss the pregnancy. she was reportedly taken to a hospital 8 1/2 months pregnant. two days later, she gave birth to a baby boy. police now want to know who the father is. sex with children in china under the age of 14 brings an automatic rape conviction. >> an ohio man is charged with killing a teenager that was out with friends throwing eggs at cars, three-years ago. police suspected 22-year-old michael gross for shooting 14-year-old danny crawford throwing the eggs at the time. gross is charged with murder and tampering with evidence in a cold case. >> the single most unusual event of superbowl week was this morning, in miami. kind of a journalistic mardi gras if you will, it is media. day. nfl issued 4000 credentials to the event, held inside because
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of weather. that did not stop the media. many of whom asked intelligent pertinent questions. he will he from the two quarterbacks looking for a titanic football game. >> i agree withdrew. this game is about two great teams, that have had two outstanding seasons. really from the get go. just realizing first time since 93, that the two number one ranked teams are meeting in the final game. so that said a lot about both teams. we have been up against our backs all season. >> playing for more than just another w. or a superbowl for the organization. it is a superbowl for the city and fans. and everything they have been through here over the last few years. especially. there is no organization or no city that deserves a championship more than new orleans. >> meanwhile biggest story of superbowl week is the health of colts defensive end freeney. all pro pass rusher is not practice since tearing a ligament in the ankle in the afc
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championship game. freeney listed as questionable for the superbowl. but colts sack leader remains optimistic he will be suiting up. >> that is a decision made later on in the week. you know, like i said it is early. you know this just happened last week. so you know, definitely have some recovery to go. and you know, it will be a decision by coach and staff. come friday, maybe saturday. you know, how much time i am actually playing. >> for those of you that remember the late great baltimore stallions of the canadian football league. two members selected to the cfl hall of fame. quarterback tracy ham, seen here. and defensive end alfred peyton inducted this summer. ham played for four teams in 13 years. and he played in three of them. but only great cup victory came with the stallions in 1995. mvp of the game by the way. >> to college football hoops business remember you can see the next acc game on our sister station. cw. the the terps travel to hal to
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take on florida state thursday night at 9:00. back to you. >> once again, winter storm warning in effect across baltimore ci going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings, like clementines, now $4.88 per box, and starkist solid white tuna, 10 for $10. this week only. when i look at my receipt and it says, "you saved $26," that works for me. only with your giant card.
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>> here is how it breaks down. looking at the winter storm warning in effect until 7 a.m. several inches. 4 to 6 , and pockets of 7 inches of snow as we start the morning off. snow tapers off. mostly cloudy skies. 39. 41 on thursday. with sunshine. and then on friday. 35 degrees. with clouds gathering through the day. looks like the next storm potentially moves in late friday night and saturday. we have to watch this storm. it could be a big one pushing into the mid-atlantic. 33. 32 sunday. and then monday 35. and then maybe another little system tuesday. so seeing lots of activity across the mid-atlantic. jeff? >> vytas before you go. we are three days away. how serious is this other storm predicted for the weekend? is something going to happen? >> looking pretty good right now. i think good certainty we will see something. it is just the question of the numbers. of course the track of the storm determines that. but it could be a big one with. if we put it in a gauge of maybe, week before christmas, maybe that kind of storm.
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>> wow! >> yeah. watching it closely. >> come on july. thanks so much vytas. good job. >> as the snow flies. get your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at w use the tools to track storms down to your street. go to >> and that will did it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. see you tomorrow night. watch out for the school closing tomorrow on fox 45 news morning news,
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